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Asgard Awakening

Asgard Awakening

After years of slavery, subjected to torments of body and spirit by the inhuman Kin, Travis Sterling can barely recall his old life. Memories of Earth, and of disappointing his family barely seem real anymore.

But even without the occasional voice in his head, Trav knows he’s different. A vast amount of rune crafting knowledge has mysteriously taken up residence in his mind; too bad he doesn’t have any mystical power. If he could find a way to actually use any rune magic, his situation could change.

The stubborn, unbroken man burns for justice, but despite his strange abilities, he stands no chance against the Kin. In the near future, when Trav comes face to face with complete destruction, his mettle and creativity will be tested. Will he perish, or will he grasp a chance to shake the foundations of his new world?

A VeilVerse Story. 

Note: This series was written for adults. Asgard Awakening contains morally grey situations, polyamory, fantasy violence, and slavery. Please do not attempt dangerous rune magic at home.

©2018 Blaise Corvin (P)2019 Blaise Corvin

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Cultivating Chaos 2

Ash’s life is anything but normal these days.

Having unlocked his Dantian, he’s grown in power. Grown to the point where he has others who depend on him for that power.

In this world of martial arts, only the strong and the ruthless survive.

Everyone else is merely a stepping stone on their path of Cultivation, or an obstacle to be overcome.

Or knock down. 

A world where the strong rule, and the weak die.

Utilizing the Hall, the voice in his head that calls itself Locke, and all the powers available to him, Ash has begun his own journey of Cultivation.

Except that as a Fated One, his journey is a narrow and winding path between two cosmic forces. Each one vying for dominance.

And that has nothing to do with what Locke has planned for him.

This is his second step in his life as a Cultivator. Overcoming his first tribulation, and solidifying his Dantian.

This is a VeilVerse novel.

Warning and minor spoiler: This novel contains graphic violence, undefined relationships/a full harem, unconventional opinions/beliefs, and a hero who is tactful as a dog at a cat show. Listen at your own risk.

©2020 William D. Arand (P)2020 William D. Arand

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Asgard Awakening 2

Travis Sterling has escaped a life of slavery and has attained incredible magical potential, but he is still vulnerable. What’s more, inheriting Odin’s mantle has automatically earned him a slew of enemies. But now that Trav has power and freedom, he needs a plan. What’s more, he must explore who he is and what he is becoming. 

His beautiful valkyries have given him an early advantage and good council, but they won’t be enough, not anymore. The universe is a lot larger than Trav had ever imagined...and more dangerous. In order to survive, he’ll need to forge alliances, create new weapons, master his magic, and learn more about himself. Trav’s experiences growing up on Earth might not have helped much in the mines, but his checkered past might be the perfect resume for a newborn god. 

A Veilverse story 

Note: This series was crafted for adults. Asgard Awakening contains morally grey situations, polyamory, fantasy violence, and slavery.

©2020 Blaise Corvin (P)2020 Blaise Corvin

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Take Two

Breck was a heavy metal rock star and to some, perhaps, even a rock god. Playing bass since he was 10, he learned to sing and write music under the tutelage of some of the industry's best. His band was one of the loudest and heaviest out there, and they had moved from one hit record to the next with ease. Married to a supermodel and being at the top of the rock star pyramid, life for Breck was everything he'd ever wanted it to be.

Then, one day, while playing a fill-in gig with another band to help out an old friend, something weird happened, and it wasn't just a flashback from all those acid trips he did on the road.

Attacked by people he'd only seen the likes of in movies, he's forced to dive into a shadow to make good his escape. Waking up, he finds himself in a place that seems like it was ripped out of the '60s, and things are almost like home, but not quite.

It's not just the people looking to take advantage of him, after nearly two decades in the biz, Breck's more than used to that. It's not the strange cars, people, or buildings - a life on the road touring the world inured him to that years ago, as well. It's not even some of the strange beings and creatures people are telling him that share the world he now finds himself in.

No, it's far more worse than that. 

He's broke.

Nobody knows who he is.

And his bass seems to be developing an attitude.

©2020 John Van Stry (P)2020 John Van Stry

Cultivating Chaos

Cultivating Chaos

Ash led a very normal life by his own standards. It had its ups and downs, much like anyone else’s. Being a talented martial artist had definitely been an up, while high school as a whole was a down. His own father was not a great role model, and his uncle was everything he wanted to be.  

To Ash, it felt like a very normal life. Right up until he was literally pulled into a portal that spat him out into another world. One that was full of martial arts. And martial artists who could use magic. To set the very air on fire with a punch or to turn their skin hard as diamonds. To fly through the air, if they had enough power. A world where the strong ruled and the weak died. 


Three years of living his life as one of the citizens, those without power, and Ash has figured out how to survive with his adoptive family and a lot of persistence. His goals in life have become to give back to those who gave to him. And he’d do whatever he had to to do that.  

Except Ash is about to get his life turned around again. Turned around and altered completely. He’s about to discover a treasure from a time long lost. Forgotten. A treasure that is going to change his destiny and give him another direction to go. If he wants it.  

A cultivator.  

This is a VeilVerse novel. Warning and minor spoiler: This novel contains graphic violence, undefined relationships/harem, unconventional opinions/beliefs, and a hero who is tactful as a dog at a cat show. Listen at your own risk.

©2018 William D. Arand (P)2018 William D. Arand