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System Misinterpret


Starred Tower

An apocalypse. An epic change in biology. Humanity’s new powers. No instructions. So, everyone created their own!

Born over a century after "The Rise", Jeff scavenges with his tyrannical mother for survival. Banned from cultivating freely, Jeff wants none of this life; his one objective is to join the immortal rankers as they attempt to climb the Northern Tower. On the day of his escape, a powerful guild attacks Leah’s group, and Jeff is thrown through a unique dungeon portal—a portal that hasn’t been used in nearly a hundred years.

In the pursuit of Jeff’s ultimate goal, he must choose whether to follow the Church, join a guild, or try it all on his own. Predators don’t only come from dungeons, and he must dig through mountains of misinformation for one straight answer.

When spells and skills unleash chaos, a special blue screen powers up, and Jeff’s journey to the peak or the grave begins


©2021 Ryan DeBruyn (P)2022 Ryan DeBruyn


Endarkened Spire

Moving to the Wilds! Jeff's new home is on the brink of destruction. A Spire sunken into the ground, that humanity knows naught of.

Jeff's original dream of escape, living between cities and the Wilds as a Hunter, has come true. Of course, in that fantasy, he had Alrick by his side and these Hunters are definitely not him. They might actually be closer to his childhood tormentors, Leah, and her Mercenaries.

In pursuit of a way to continue to grow the Training Room and himself, conflict festers between his goblin friends Mur and Tet and his fellow humans. Still, is Hunting with his monsters out of the question? Surely his understanding of Dungeons and their strategies means he can at least try…

Little does he know that it’s his lack of knowledge that will endanger everyone and lead him to the Spire.

©2022 Ryan DeBruyn (P)2022 Ryan DeBruyn

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