System Misinterpret


Starred Tower

An apocalypse. An epic change in biology. Humanity’s new powers. No instructions. So, everyone created their own!

Born over a century after "The Rise", Jeff scavenges with his tyrannical mother for survival. Banned from cultivating freely, Jeff wants none of this life; his one objective is to join the immortal rankers as they attempt to climb the Northern Tower. On the day of his escape, a powerful guild attacks Leah’s group, and Jeff is thrown through a unique dungeon portal—a portal that hasn’t been used in nearly a hundred years.

In the pursuit of Jeff’s ultimate goal, he must choose whether to follow the Church, join a guild, or try it all on his own. Predators don’t only come from dungeons, and he must dig through mountains of misinformation for one straight answer.

When spells and skills unleash chaos, a special blue screen powers up, and Jeff’s journey to the peak or the grave begins


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