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Luck's Voice by Daniel J Schinhofen


Suited For Luck

John Doc Henry had been on the shortest, crappiest end of the stick since the first day of his life; no parents, bad foster parents, and abysmal luck at every turn.

The day his life changed started out exactly like he had come to expect. His car died on a rarely traveled road, and he broke his toe shortly after dodging the one other car on the road. When it stopped and backed up to him, the license plate read “LADYLUK”, adding insult to injury.

Now, he has a new name, a new life, and a purpose. The odds are still stacked against him, but the newly-named Doc Holyday has Luck herself on his side. With newfound confidence, he's ready to face the strange new world he has been sent to; a world similar to the “Wild West”, but with magic and supernatural creatures.

(This book contains adult situations, including but not limited to: sex, gambling, abuse, drug use, harem, and murder. It also contains graphic sex scenes, which portray elements of BDSM. You’ve been warned.) 

©2020 Daniel James Schinhofen (P)2021 Daniel James Schinhofen


Dangerous Gamble

Life had gotten both better and more chaotic for Doc—he’d already been happy with Fiala and Sonya as his wives, but then Ayla and Lia joined his family. To top it off, he collared the willing dryad, Rosa. With five wives at his side, Doc had a full house of love.

He was still in the town of Deep Gulch, needing to achieve the mission Luck had given him. When Sheriff Grange killed Mayor Goodman, it removed the least of Doc’s troubles while showing that Grange was clearly a problem. Even with the Mayor out of the way, there was still plenty to take care of.

The first annual poker tournament at the Lily was coming up. The cardsharp, Mr. Suez, was one of Doc’s biggest roadblocks to freeing the town. He had a plan for him, but it would be a gamble...luckily, his patron goddess was Lady Luck.

Even if he dealt with Suez, Doc would have to handle Grange as well. The sheriff wanted him gone so he could move on Lia. On top of that, the Church of Apoc was still a threat. In Deep Gulch, that meant Adam McIan, Preacher of Apoc, would have to be removed. Doc had managed to lie to and placate the preacher, but he knew it would come to a head soon.

With all the troubles building, a dangerous gamble would have to be made. Doc knew he had allies of his own—some of the townsfolk; the Oresmelter clan in town; and, of course, his lovely and talented wives. Trusting in his goddess, Doc embarked on his plan to rid Deep Gulch of the Darkness.

(This book contains adult situations, including but not limited to: sex, gambling, abuse, drug use, harem, and murder. It also contains graphic sex scenes, which portray elements of BDSM. You’ve been warned.) 

©2022 Daniel James Schinhofen (P)2022 Daniel James Schinhofen

LV7 Rail-Laid Plans.jpg

Rail-Laid Plans

Doc left Furden behind after six months in the capital of the Coalrud Territory. A lot had happened in that time span—there’d been a lot of new business deals, personal accomplishments, and Doc made great strides toward bringing the name of Luck to the world.

He’d made a solid ally with David Roquefell, who helped him set the stage for equality in Furden. Their friendship had led to something even greater: David became the Voice of Trade. Now, there were two goddesses working together to drive the Darkness from the world. David went on to secure business that would empower the two of them, allowing them to make a stand for their goddesses in the future. His plans centered on Doc’s knowledge from Earth, which included the telephone, the telegraph, and several other new, innovative ideas. Besides that, David would work on gaining the ear of the congressional leaders so they could have political backing later.

Not everything went smoothly in Furden. Doc made an enemy of Michael Strongarm, a wealthy businessman tied heavily to Western Expansion, the company behind the telegraph and mail delivery for the nation. Their conflict came to a head with a duel on Boxing Day, with Doc using his gifts from Luck to best the arrogant man.

Beating Strongarm raised the morale of the bestials and the downtrodden of Furden to new heights. With new homes in a community devoted to equality named Aurora, the formerly-oppressed peoples knew hope for the first time in their lives. It was a trend that Doc had started in Deep Gulch and seemed determined on continuing.

Even on the high note after the duel, Doc knew that staying in Furden would be dangerous. The church wouldn’t ignore him forever, and he had more work to do. Despite knowing that, he found it difficult to leave—Fiala had asked to stay in Furden so she could work on the burgeoning makeup business she’d started, but also to have their child. When it came time to leave, his heart ached. Staying would endanger her, their unborn child, him, and everything he was working toward. He accepted the hard path, leaving his beloved first wife behind to go west.

On the train leaving Furden, he came to a decision: he had mines to set up in Vedana, and even all the way up into Kanata, though it would take the dwarven clans and elven tribes coming together to make that happen. His goal was to unite the west into a place where everyone was equal. Two things could make a huge difference if the church of Apoc ever came for him—communication and transportation. With David working on communication, Doc made plans to control transportation, all while working on ensuring they had the money to pull it off. His rail-laid plans would hinge on his trip west. It might all crumble down in ruin, but he had faith. After all, he was beloved by Lady Luck.

©2023 Daniel James Schinhofen (P)2024 Daniel Schinhofen


Cashing In

Doc Holyday never expected to be in a new world with a new name, but Lady Luck made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. Her deal came with perks; he gained the ability to heal and he could periodically avoid taking damage from any single attack.

Lady Luck had assured him that the list of perks would grow over time. The offer also came with a major drawback, however - Doc had to help save the world. 

While that would be a tall order for anyone, Doc was never one to back down from a challenge. Luckily, pun intended, Doc struck it rich on a mining expedition, staking a claim worth more than the whole town of Deep Gulch. 

Using his new wealth, Doc hired the local clan of dwarves to work the claim. He offered them not only a better wage, but respect as well. Similarly, he was able to hire the secretary away from what had been the wealthiest man in town, and freed several of the town’s merchants from the crippling debt they’d been saddled with.

All of this has made him a target for the bigwigs who run the town. Doc isn’t worried, though, because he has friends to help him along. But will they be enough to handle Goodman and Suez? And the Church of Apoc, which is bound to notice him? 

This book contains adult situations, including but not limited to: sex, gambling, abuse, drug use, harem, and murder. It also contains graphic sex scenes, which portray elements of BDSM. You’ve been warned.

©2020 Daniel James Schinhofen (P)2021 Daniel James Schinhofen


Luck's Holdings

Since Lady Luck had sent Doc to this weird, western world, a lot had happened. It started in Deep Gulch, a small mining town in what he would have called Colorado if he’d been on Earth. Doc hit the ground running, making enemies and friends from his very first day.

With Luck beside him, Doc went to work improving the lives of those he counted as friends. Despite his enemies having both money and power, in the end Doc was the last one standing. When the dust settled, Deep Gulch was well on its way to becoming a beacon of progressiveness in the west.

Before leaving the town of Deep Gulch, Doc found himself facing some difficult decisions; the most difficult was leaving behind potential children, just in case the worst happened and he died. If those children were born, they would give Luck the chance to continue freeing the world from the Darkness trying to kill it.

His second decision was to ordain his near-adopted daughter, Posy, as a priestess of Luck. As a gift from the goddess, she gained the power to heal. Doc knew that she would be a bright point of hope in the town.

The future was mostly unknown, but he had a destination to start with: Furden, the capital of the Coalrud territory. Getting there would also allow him to marry Sophia. She’d been a key part of his success in Deep Gulch, and he was looking forward to her joining their family.

What would happen in Furden and the plans for what would come after were unknown, but Doc has Luck behind him, his family beside him, and a world that needs saving.

(This book contains adult situations, including but not limited to: sex, gambling, abuse, drug use, harem, and murder. It also contains graphic sex scenes, which portray elements of BDSM. You’ve been warned.)

©2022 Daniel James Schinhofen (P)2023 Daniel James Schinhofen


Breaking The Bank

Doc was happy with his new life—he’d married Fiala and Sonya, had allies who were steadfastly beside him, and was building the name of Lady Luck. Things were moving in the right direction, and life was good.

Powerful enemies were starting to rise against him. Doc knew that Sheriff Grange and McIan, the preacher of Apoc, would be problems eventually, but the two he had to deal with first were Suez and Goodman. Suez was still a mystery to Doc, and the man had effectively split the town with Goodman. Goodman was a larger concern, being the head of the only bank in town and the mayor of Deep Gulch.

Doc’s lucky strike in the wilds helped give him leverage in town. Using the windfall from his mine, he moved to break the town free from the deep pockets that had it in a stranglehold.

When Lia, Ayla, Sophia, and his wives left town to work on their outdoor knowledge and shooting, Doc was left to mind the Lily and keep healing the wounded. He thought things would be fine, until Spot, one of the deputies, came stumbling in mortally wounded.

Pushing himself more than he should, Doc poured his energy, vitality, and his life into saving Spot. Darkness closed in around him as he used almost everything he had, to bring the deputy back from death’s door


After escaping death by the barest of margins himself, Doc had no idea what was coming for him next, but he had faith that his goddess would help see him through it.

(This book contains adult situations, including but not limited to: sex, gambling, abuse, drug use, harem, and murder. It also contains graphic sex scenes, which portray elements of BDSM. You’ve been warned.) 

©2021 Daniel James Schinhofen (P)2022 Daniel James Schinhofen

LV6 Emerita Boxing Day.jpg

Emerita Boxing Day

Doc left Deep Gulch behind him, setting out to Furden to continue spreading Luck’s name. The trip to the capital of Coalrud gave him yet another opportunity to use his knowledge to start new business ventures. While the hot springs would take time to prepare— Doc had a vision for it becoming a tourist destination—that was far from the last thing he’d get involved in during his stay.

The city had allies to make, the most notable being David Roquefell, whose family used to worship the goddess of trade. The wealthy man quickly became a close associate and friend to Doc and his family. Together, Doc spun out other ways to make money, knowing he’d need them in the future.

Along with Roquefell, Doc tied himself to the Ironbeard dwarven clan that made Furden their home. Becoming their shaman wasn’t difficult, even with one of the older elders being uncertain of Doc’s ideas.

It wasn’t all an easy, happy time for Doc, though—Furden also had its unsavory people. The sheriff, Donadin, was all too happy to take bribes, but wasn’t as blatantly corrupt as Grange had been. Michael Strongarm, a local businessman, held a majority of the river property, using them as slums. It was clear that Strongarm thought little to nothing of the bestials that lived there. That grated on Doc, setting the two men up for a coming conflict.

The most worrisome person there was the soulsmith, Richard Steward. Steward had been a little too eager to get his hands on soul stones for his own purposes. Doc found that the twisted man was using them to control the bestial women of the Iniquitous Den, taking away their freewill. That put the two men on a collision course that was coming quickly.

With plans in the works and his allies and enemies aiming to remove him, Doc knew the future would be uncertain. Even if things turned deadly, Doc would keep pressing on. Even if the road became difficult, he’d keep putting one foot in front of the other.

©2023 Daniel Schinhofen (P)2023 Daniel Schinhofen

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