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Irrelevant Jack by Prax Venter


Irrelevant Jack

Jack is violently pulled into a game-like universe and dumped into a seaside town on the brink of destruction. When the people of Blackmoor Cove begin to ask about his combat role, Jack discovers his odd Hero Class and finds that parts of his game interface are riddled with exposed coding errors. 

He quickly learns that the only way the town can grow and push back the unknown substance threatening to consume it is if brave Heroes venture into an infinitely high, ever-changing tower, kill bizarre monsters for their valuable equipment drops, and then deposit those items into a special chest. 

As Jack struggles to level up and help save the people he has grown to care for, he learns the true nature of this simulated world and his destiny.... But can he overcome his reckless nature and become the leader this strange world needs? 

This “crunchy” GameLIT/LitRPG story contains: item-based game mechanics, town building, countless unique monsters, boss fights, and cheaty special abilities.

©2018 Prax Venter (P)2019 Prax Venter


Irrelevant Jack 4

“This is our world.”  

The king and queen set out with an enormous party of heroes and townsfolk to balance the burgeoning Kingdom of Blackmoor and visit a neighboring town in unknown lands. 

Far from home, Jack will face new challenges both inside and outside of Subroutine Sana’s Towers that test his ability to lead and make wise decisions.

©2020 Prax Venter (P)2021 Prax Venter

Irrelevant Jack 2.jpg

Irrelevant Jack 2

Climb the Tower. Feed the Town. 

Blackmoor Cove has been pulled back from the edge of oblivion, but that doesn’t mean the fight is over. While the all-consuming Corruption pushes harder against their progress, Jack embraces his new responsibility to rebuild the broken people around him. However, none of it will last unless he enters the Tower every morning and defeats the vicious monsters within for their valuable loot drops. 

With the Arcane Mage, Thymus, now in the party, they will climb higher than ever before, but will the 12 years of terrible isolation make the time-lost Hero unreliable when he once again confronts the unending nightmares found inside the Tower? 

This “Crunchy” GameLIT/LitRPG story contains: item-based game mechanics, town building, countless unique monsters, boss fights, and cheaty special abilities. 

Length ~ 106,600 words

©2019 Prax Venter (P)2020 Prax Venter


Irrelevant Jack 5

The NPCs in one small corner of the map now seek their own path instead of remaining content with what they were born knowing. While some choose to look inward and explore themselves, others reach outward into new lands and untapped resources.

However, many more mysterious corners remain where a cosmic infection that abhors such displays of self-consciousness still twists and writhes throughout Mother Sana.

When the Blackmoor royal entourage sails across the sea to visit a powerful distant Town, Jack focuses his gaze on finding out why these virtual souls fixated on their verdant gardens for thousands of years instead of the rotting world around them.

Length ~  About 90,000 words

©2021 Prax Venter (P)2021 Prax Venter


Irrelevant Jack 3

What lies beyond Blackmoor Cove and its connected Tower? 

When two displaced Heroes from the recently fallen Town of Emberstone seek refuge from the advancing corruption, some people begin to believe that Jack’s brazen defiance of traditional ways has terrible consequences.

New Buildings, new Townsfolk, and new Heroes bring new opportunities for everyone, and as Jack continues pushing them forward, the virtual entities around him begin to explore the limits of Subroutine Sana. 

This “Crunchy” GameLIT/LitRPG story contains: Item-Based character growth, empire building, unique monsters, bizarre boss fights, and the abuse of game mechanics.

©2019 Prax Venter (P)2020 Prax Venter


Irrelevant Jack 6

Jack, Lex, Haylee, and a young hero with a unique class on loan from Ivyset Crag go on an odyssey to explore the unreachable tower on the furthest edge of the map. With no dock listed on any system interface, the NPCs of Mother Sana design a custom boat built out of logs, fruit, and indestructible equipment drops to make the trip.

The Dark Prism and Blackmoor Kingdom’s Royal Advisor has a hunch that the first climbing party bold enough to reach beyond their stagnant ways and explore the only unclaimed tower in the middle of the ocean will reap special rewards.

There’s only one way to find out....

About 96,000 words

©2022 Prax Venter (P)2023 Prax Venter

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