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Singer of Terandria by pirateaba

Desert Runner

Book 1: Desert Runner

An NPC story.

With her pain potions in short supply, Maddie accepts a deadly run, picks up a package in Trox City, and crosses the desert plains to Port Troli. The only issues - an unwanted passenger and Tromoal breeding season.

©2017 Dawn Chapman (P)2018 Dawn Chapman



Actor, singer...necromancer?

All the world's a stage...even when you're teleported to a new world.

Struggling actress Cara O'Sullivan was walking down the street of Galway one moment, and the next, she was in an ancient tomb in a faraway world. Alone in the dark with her cell phone as her last tenuous connection to home, Cara sings her favorite song. To her astonishment, her song casts a spell of light into the world...and from the depths, something hears her. Challenged by a ghostly knight, a tragic necromancer, and hordes of undead, can a young woman who does not believe in heroes become one herself?

©2022 pirateaba (P)2024 Podium Audio

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