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The Honor of Duty


The Honor of Duty

Phillip had spent his life living by his mother’s code of honor. One she had instilled in not just him, but her household staff, her soldiers under her command as a general, and all his siblings.

One that called to the familial bonds and the importance of putting those above all else. Second only to the land and the crown.

If he was being honest with himself, Phillip valued that code of honor. It was something the Curis family was known for. An honorable military family led by a Duchess, Phillip’s grandmother.

That code, the honor of duty, is about to be tested in Phillip.

He and it will be put through the forge of conflict and forced to become either hardened, or terribly brittle.

On the day of his formal marriage agreement, Phillip’s family is called to war.

What would have been a celebration now turns to a swift goodbye as his family rolls into action. Sharpening swords, mending armor, and readying horses to fight for the queen.

Being sent off quickly as there was no time to waste.

Now Phillip will need to adapt to his new in-laws and family members, a mercantile family of great worth but no noble standing. Their marriage to him will rise them up to the lowest strata of the nobility, but still nobility.

At the same time, Phillip will have to navigate through the murky political waters of the new city he’ll now call home. As well as fight to carve out a role for himself that fits his desire.

All while hopefully growing to understand his wife - whom he had only just met. A young woman his own age named Alice.

Cunning and bright, she’s nearly ready to take over the family mercantile business as a whole.

Armed with his intelligence, his uncanny ability to read people, and his stubborn nature, Phillip has to become his own man, and define how his code will fit in his new life.

Regardless of what anyone else wants of him.

Warning and minor spoiler: This novel contains graphic violence, undefined relationships/harem, and unconventional opinions/beliefs.

©2020 A. R. Rend (P)2021 A. R. Rend

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