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Eternal Online by TJ Reynolds

The Shattered Sword.jpg

The Shattered Sword

A broke gamer. A deadly online world. Can Dhalia level up fast enough to keep the debt collectors at bay?

Dhalia has to pay off her dead father’s bills or risk her life in the lithium mines. thank you. Besides, the world is run by tech, and this gamer girl is determined to explore the virtual world her father was so obsessed with and get rich while she’s at it.

So, she sells everything and rents a premium VR pod to play Eternal Online.

Enter the toughest realm available? Check.

Discover the fastest way to loot without progress.

But when Dhalia finds an epic quest chain that others have overlooked, she thinks she’s struck gold. What she doesn’t expect is to make friends with two deadly warriors and one powerful creature, or find a world boss gunning for them all.

Experience the start of an Epic LitRPG adventure perfect for fans of Travis Bagwell, Carrie Summers, and Outspan Foster.

©2020 Aethon Books (P)2020 Aethon Audio

The Ruined Temple.jpg

The Ruined Temple

A tide of war. A tyrant king. Will Dahlia and her allies be strong enough to withstand the storm of foes? 

Given a short reprieve from debt collectors, Dahlia must focus on finding the source of a world boss’s power. She’ll have to rely on Madi and Alysand to help her endure a wave of enemies from every direction. And level up fast enough to survive.

Slay a God-Tier boss? Done. 

Convince allies to join the cause? Working on it. 

But when Dahlia discovers that an army is marching on the quaint town of Taelman’s Pond, she’ll need her wits and will to fortify its defenses and fight. It isn’t a question of bravery, but rather one of numbers: How can few stand against many?

Continue this epic LitRPG adventure, perfect for readers of Luke Chmilenko, Carrie Summers, and Tao Wong.

©2020 Aethon Books (P)2020 Aethon Audio


The Fallen God

A building storm. A raging war. A fallen god.

Can Dahlia, Madi, and Alysand recruit an army powerful enough to stop the plans of a malicious deity?

Having saved Quinn and the town of Taelman's Pond, Dahlia finds herself whisked away into another battle in this endless war. She discover more about her in-game lineage as a half blood. She must win over the wood elves and help them fight off the Karinoth, the dark elves who call to her blood.

Madi makes her own plans, teaming up with Shin as they discover secrets long forgotten. It will be up to her, and her big bear, to win over Marianor's biggest allies.

While his friends fight to secure the North, Alysand Deschaney takes his new

apprentice and forces young Torven to accept the life of a gunsinger. Their journey takes them far to the South, where soldiers and support await.

Time is quickly running out, and all the while the Rat King grows stronger. Can our heroes beat the odds and forge a single army out of the various allied forces?

Continue this epic LitRPG adventure, perfect for listeners of Luke Chmilenko, Carrie Summers, and Tao Wong


©2020, 2021 Aethon Books (P)2021 Aethon Audio

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