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Azarinth Healer by Rhaegar


Azarinth Healer

Ilea likes punching things. And eating.

Unfortunately, there aren’t too many career options for hungry brawlers. Instead, the plan is to quit her crappy fast-food job, go to college, and become a fully functioning member of society. Essentially—a fate worse than death.

So maybe it's lucky that she wakes up one day in a strange world where a bunch of fantasy monsters are trying to kill her?

On the bright side, "killing those monsters right back" is now a viable career path! For she soon discovers her new home runs on a set of game-like rules that will allow her to punch things harder than in her wildest dreams. Well, maybe not her wildest dreams, but it’s close.

With no quest to follow, no guide to show her the way, and no real desire to be a Hero—Ilea embarks on a journey to discover a world full of magic. Magic she can use to fight even bigger monsters.

She’s struggling to survive, has no idea what will happen next, and is loving every minute of it. Except, and sometimes also, when she’s poisoned and/or has set herself on fire. It’s complicated.

Listen to the story that took Royal Road by storm with more than 60 million views and counting


©2022 Rhaegar (P)2022 Portal Books


Azarinth Healer Book Two

Still haunted by her encounter with the Taleen Praetorians, Ilea makes her way south to join the Shadow’s Hand and hone her skills. Having fought alongside members of the infamous mercenary order, she hopes to meet kindred spirits who share her completely reasonable passion for battle, adrenaline, and near-death experiences.

She is looking for a team to rely on, to punch, and get punched by. Because every "friendly yet bloody" sparring match levels her resistances and makes her a little bit harder to kill. She might even stick around for a while. So long as the food is good. This guild of high-level warriors is the perfect place to grow and recuperate. To take a breath after the nonstop elven attacks, dungeons, necromancers, and Taleen murder machines. Ilea jumps headfirst into her newfound challenge, unaware of the fresh dangers already beginning to stir throughout Elos. Even their Shadow’s Hand training will not prepare Ilea and her new team for what’s to come.

After all, there’s always another Drake.

About the series: Join Ilea as she is transported to a world full of monsters and magic, where power is measured by one's class, level, and skills. Watch her grow in power, and recklessness, as she wields ancient hand-to-hand combat magic that can both heal and destroy. This Isekai story has a dual-class LitRPG system where every skill, class, and ability can evolve. Ilea’s tale is equal parts comfy slice-of-life wanderings, goofy jokes, and brutal, blood-pumping battles with nightmarish monsters. Join her as she delves into forgotten dungeons, hoards snacks, and generally does whatever she feels like.

©2023 Rhaegar (P)2023 Portal Books


Azarinth Healer Book Three

In the aftermath of the demon invasion, Ilea makes her way to Riverwatch to find a home for a wayward mind weaver (ensuring he doesn’t eat anyone along the way). After traveling, reuniting with old friends, and some light punching, Ilea's life, it seems, is slowly returning to normal. But dire news awaits her upon her return to Ravenhall.

A friend is in danger, and there is work to be done.

The trail leads Ilea to the Empire and beyond, to dark alleys and ancient dungeons, to unknown desolate lands beyond the frontiers of humanity, and to the ruins of a long-forgotten Kingdom.

There are old allies to fight with and new ones to be made; an excellent maker of cakes, a fiery fox with a sweet tooth, and an … unlikely historian. Ilea will need all the help and levels she can get to beat down both beast and man (and occasionally the weather too), for her enemies are many, and not every fight will be as simple as just another Drake.

A long journey is just beginning, and she may be surprised where it ends. Hopefully, there is some good food along the way…

©2023 Rhaegar (P)2023 Portal Books

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