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Apocalypse Gates by Daniel Schinhofen


Book 1: Rapture

Alvin woke in a room that was not his, to discover that he had died and his brain had been bargained off cheaply to pay off someone else’s debt. It did not sit well with him. It didn’t surprise him that even in death, people were still using him for their own purposes. He had never exactly been a good guy, but everyone had their breaking point, and he had found his.

The bastards in charge had uploaded his mind into a virtual death game. The whole world could now pay to see him play it and probably die. Alvin questioned whether he was really a bad guy, if this is how they wanted to treat him. Regardless, he was not about to wait for death to come for him. He would kick open the damn Apocalypse Gates and see about crushing everything that challenged him. It was time to make the world aware that he was done with pretending to be nice.

Welcome to Apocalypse Gates!

©2017 Daniel James Schinhofen (P)2018 Daniel Schinhofen

Valley of Death

Book 2: Valley of Death

Alvin had a rough week. Thrown into a digital death game, Apocalypse Gates, with only his wits and a less than helpful AI handler, Alvin's prospects for survival looked bleak. Managing not only to survive but to thrive, he helped build a settlement of survivors in Green River, Utah. Along the way he met the very sexy and broken Gothy. He's taken on the undead, mutated bugs and animals and the worst possible enemy - other people - and triumphed. Nothing looked like it would be a major problem, except for the flight of dragons. 


Now the Gates are opening, and Alvin and Gothy are heading out along the roads of America. They'll need to earn XP, upgrade their stats and gear, find new settlements, find allies, and hope they survive long enough to explore the world and each other. The end of the world had come, and a new one awaits.


Welcome back to Apocalypse Gates.  

©2017 Daniel James Schinhofen (P)2018 Daniel Schinhofen

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