Puatera Online by Dawn Chapman

Desert Runner

Book 1: Desert Runner

An NPC story.

With her pain potions in short supply, Maddie accepts a deadly run, picks up a package in Trox City, and crosses the desert plains to Port Troli. The only issues - an unwanted passenger and Tromoal breeding season.

©2017 Dawn Chapman (P)2018 Dawn Chapman

Desert Born

Book 2: Desert Born

With her charge, Alex, safely delivered, Maddie drowns her pain in a local bar, leaving later that night only to discover Alex has been beaten and robbed, his own quest failed. Politics and cash aside, she aids him. Once more they cross the desert, this time where Tromoal and enemies are born.

©2017 Dawn Chapman (P)2018 Dawn Chapman

Desert Storm

Book 3: Desert Storm

Forging a new quest, Maddie and Alex unite the desert runners in order to find enough food to feed the Tromoal through their birthing. But there’s descent into chaos at the mayor’s farm on the discovery of a stolen Tromoal egg and the fact he’s hoarding zombie cattle. Maddie's choices are limited, but her fight isn’t.

©2017 Dawn Chapman (P)2018 Dawn Chapman